What Vanessa and Don Jr might be thinking

Michael Allison
1 min readMar 24, 2018

A few days ago, Donald Trump Jr and Vanessa Trump’s let us in on their divorce plans. One of the interesting developments was Vanessa Trump’s choice of lawyers — David Feureisen, a New York criminal defense attorney, according to Page Six. Speculation was that Mrs Trump was rushing to divide her assets and divorce assets from any legal actions against Don Jr resulting from the Mueller investigations.

What if there might be another, more intriguing twist? What if, perhaps, Don and Vanessa Trump decided to get divorced IN ORDER to protect all off those assets? Don Jr gives Vanessa a huge settlement, some of the cash gets tied up in real estate deals, such as Vanessa Trump’s mother’s recent purchase, and viola! the deal is sealed. As much of Don Jr’s assets as possible are fenced from justice, and when all the smoke clears, the kids can get back together and get on with their lives.

I know, weird, improbable, conspiracy theory, stuff that novels, movies, and dreams are made of. Weirder things have happened. Besides, what’s YOUR theory?